Joyful Praises features  children from 7 to18 years of age.

Joyful Praises

Dance Ministry

Little Vessels of Praise

Unspoken Praises features adults from 19 years of age and up.

The dance ministry's mission is to first minister unto the Lord and then reaching the saved as well as the unsaved in a way they will be set free. It is also our role to usher in the Spirit through movement.  The dance ministry consists of three groups - adults, young adults, and children.

Anyone interested in participating is welcome to attend rehearsals every Saturday @ 12 p.m., located in the sanctuary of NRFM.

Unspoken Praises

Little Vessels of Praise features  children from 2 to 6 years of age.

Sister Monique Bussell & Sister Tricha Adams